Peanut Cookies


  • 300g shelled and unsalted peanuts
  • 200g caster sugar
  • 250g plain flour
  • 180-200ml peanut oil (or any flavourless oil like canola) – you’ll only need enough to bind the mixture
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg beaten or 1 egg white, lightly beaten until slightly frothy


  1. Preheat the oven at 200°C and line some baking trays with baking paper or silicone mats.
  2. In a frying pan over medium heat, roast the peanuts until fragrant (be careful not to burn!). Grind them in a food processor until finely grounded. Alternative you can roast peanuts in the oven for about 10 minutes on 170°C.
  3. Tip the grounded mixture into a large bowl and break any lumps with a wooden spoon. Sift in the flour, sugar and salt into the peanuts and mix to combine.
  4. Pour in about 100ml of the oil into the bowl and use your hands or wooden spoon to knead the mixture together.
  5. Pour in the remainder of the oil little by little, while still kneading the mixture until the sugar has melted and has just come together as a dough without it sticking to the bowl or your hands. Dough is ready when it doesn’t break or crumble when you roll a bit of the mixture into a ball in your palms.
  6. Roll tablespoons of the mixture into balls and place them on the baking sheets (I made them slightly bigger and got exactly 40 cookies out of this recipe).
  7. You can either:
  • Stud each cookie with half a peanut to decorate
  • Or use a round piping tip to score decorative circles on top of each cookie (the original recipe used empty pen cases for this!). For me, I used a star piping tip for a slightly prettier indentation.
  1. Brush each cookie with the beaten egg/egg white and bake in the oven for 15-17 mins or until golden brown.
  2. Transfer to a wire rack to cool and store in airtight containers. Will last for about a week before it starts to go a bit stale.

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